$20 Garb Challenge

Recently, a friend of mine sponsored a contest to create a full set of garb using thrifted items. The rules stated that whatever materials we used had to add up to less than $20.

Here’s what I came up with (sorry about the lack of image quality):

I made a kilt, Bocksten tunic, and a short hangerok.

Ironically, my inspiration came as I was standing in the thrift store and came across some pseudo-plaid, and decided to make a kilt. I cut my square in half, then sewed the short ends together in order to make it long enough, then followed these instructions, http://www.garbtheworld.com/pgs/foldkilt.shtml to fold my kilt.

With that done, I made a Bocksten tunic based on Alric’s tutorial- http://www.dagorhir.com/gear/content/garb/bocksten_tunic.php.

I then simply sewed two squares together with straps for my hangerok and had some decent garb.

But in order to add a bit of detail, I sewed a stitch of different color around my tunic neckline and top hem of the hangerok for some color, and safety pinned some necklaces that I borrowed from my roommate to emulate the viking/celt style of broaches to hang necklaces from.

I ended up using 15 of my $20, and I wish I’d been able to devote more time to my entry, but I’ve been too busy recently to put as much detail into it as I’d have liked.