In no particular order, here are my projects planned:

1. Bocksten tunics

An Anglo-Saxton style tunic that looks good on everyone!

2. Sideless surcoat

Worn as an overdress for women’s gowns.

3. Origami bag

A simple technique to make a more elaborate bag.

4. Apron dress

A simple, flattering overdress.

5. Layered, trimmed medieval dress with overcoat

A basic dress made more complex by the addition of an overcoat and trim for decoration.

6. Peasant tops

Extremely simple tops for women.

7. Corset

The go-to for any pirate wench or medieval girl is idea behind a simple corset.

8. Wrap pants

A simple, easy pair of pants that can easily help keep you cool in the heat.

9. Harem Pants

Another simple pair of pants that can pass for medieval garb.

10. Hakama

Japanese pants that are great for movement.

11. Choli

A very gypsy style top for women.

Depending on how well these projects go, I will also try to create tutorials for some of the other projects I have already created, such as a cloak and some variations on the basic Bocksten tunic style.


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