Rawr is dinosaur for ‘I love you’

Guess what I made!?!?!?!

Yeah. It’s a dinosaur! 😀

This evening I was walking outside and my ears got cold. So I’ve decided to remedy that. I found a tutorial that had a big person sized pattern, rather than the kids one I linked to before, and decided to use that instead. The original is freaking adorable.

I haven’t had a chance to add the eyes and teeth yet, but I’ll be making a trip to acquire the felt over the weekend. I’m fairly certain that will be the only thing possible to make this hat even more adorable and awesome.

I’m not sure if I’m 100% happy with how my spikes turned out, so if I make another one of these, I may try making them a little smaller to see how that looks.

All in all, I’m very happy with the dinosaur that now keeps my ears warm 🙂


The internet is full of wonders.

Tonight I was cleaning up the mass of fabric explosion that was all over my floor and thought to post a picture of my most recent “garb” purchase.

I ended up getting this corset on ebay of all places. And for only $12! Here is the link to the seller’s store. Most of the stuff they have is too modern to work as a medieval style corset, but the one I got is just a simple black print with a very faint pinstripe pattern.

The shirt I’m wearing under the corset is one of the peasant tops that I made using the tutorial posted on my project page. This one has (unseen) elastic under the bust and a purple leather cord around the shoulders.

It’s a pretty simple pattern to make, and very well written. I believe this top was made from a thrifted sheet, which puts the ensemble at under $15. Anyone who claims that garb is always expensive is terribly confused.

Also, after one final purchase of some wonderful, cheap wool, I’ve decided not to let myself buy any more fabric until I make a significant dent on my box of fabric. Of course the day after I decide that, Boyfriend decided to buy me some really pretty, really soft turquoise fabric…