I suppose an explanation is in order.

My name is Dani Henkel, and I’ve been sewing for the past year. In that time, my projects have been inspired by a medieval-style foam based fighting sport called Dagorhir. In order to fight on the fields, participants are required to have medieval-esque “garb.” I’ve been faced with a pretty steep learning curve, but since then I’ve made several awesome pieces (if I do say so myself) and I’ve learned a lot of tricks about how to create simple, but effective garb that fits well. All well following medieval style or medieval inspired designs through the creation process.

In Dagorhir, each person comes up with an alternate name that that they go by. This, plus the garb each person wears helps to create an alter-ego that allows them to reach outside of their comfort zone and do things they may not usually do. My name is Nika Caelyn and I’ve decided to write this blog through that persona because of the strong influence those experiences have had on my sewing experiences.

I’ll be posting pictures of past creations as well and tutorials for my future projects. I don’t have much experience in writing tutorials, but I’m going to give it my best shot and make everything as clear as possible. I have created a list of all the things I would like to accomplish this summer, with links to pictures and tutorials that I have found in my research. I’ll also be posting some of the information and experience that I’ve gathered along the way. Whether it be a simple compilation of resources, or a full-blown how-to, I’ll do my best to share my learnings.


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